Simple. Clean. Food.

Go from "What can I do for dinner" to "Dinner is served!" in less than 30 minutes... without calling for takeout.

It's simple, clean food, delivered right to your door.

Introducing Simple Plate!

Simple Plate the rescue

These mom-friendly meals are solving the dinner dilemma. Give it a try. It may just change the way you look at dinner.

  • Already planned, prepped and ready to enjoy in 20-30 minutes.
  • You're in charge. You choose the meals from a wide range of chef-created, kid-tested meals.
  • Don’t have to worry about it spoiling. With freeze dried ingredients, these meals will hang out in your pantry and be ready when you are.

How it Works

Pick Your Plan

Choose how many mouths you want to feed.

Craft Your Menu

We have several meals to choose from, and they don't spoil. Can you feel your blood pressure drop?

Bon Appetite

We deliver it planned, prepped, and ready! You'll be serving a family winner in 30 minutes. Congrats Chef!

Simple Plate Testimonials

Let's Get Cooking!

Try Simple Plate with no commitments. Skip or Cancel anytime.

Shop Meal Plans

Add a Grocery Box to keep favorites on hand

You have to try Thrive Life fruit! And the Snackies…they’re unbelievable! And the…well…everything. The Grocery Box is completely customizable, fill it with whatever you want.

  • Imagine your kids snacking on fruits and veggies! It'll happen.
  • When you fall in love with Simple Plate, you'll want those freeze dried ingredients at your fingertips. Promise.
  • Make your own family favorite meals faster with Thrive Life ingredients.

Grocery Box Testimonials

The magic of Thrive freeze dry foods!

  • Defrosted, sliced & cooked
  • No Knives Required
  • More nutritious than grocery store fresh
  • Won't go bad today, tomorrow & weeks from now