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Butter Powder from Thrive

Why Thrive Butter Powder Is The Best


Lata #10
2.34 lbs, 531 porciones

USD 38.49

USD 35.79

Lata para despensa
0.75 lbs, 171 porciones

USD 16.09

USD 14.99

Caja (6 latas)
14.04 lbs, 3186 porciones

USD 219.39

USD 202.99

Lata para despensa (paquete de 10)
7.54 lbs, 1710 porciones

USD 156.09

USD 145.49

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Made with Mantequilla en polvo
The THRIVE Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thrive Butter Powder can be used to replace regular butter in almost any recipe. It is also a great substitute for oily, fatty butter on popcorn and other salty snacks.

  •  Certified gluten-free
  •  NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredients
  •  NO artificial colors or flavors

4 Easy Ways to Thrive


Closed: 5 years

Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.


Family Size (#10): 531
Pantry Can: 171
Pouch: No


Ingredients: Butter (sweet cream, salt, annatto color), nonfat milk solids, sodium caseinate and disodium phosphate. CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE (pouches excluded)

All products are processed in facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat and tree nut products.

Country of origin: United States

Prep Instructions

Add small amounts of water to Butter Powder until desired consistency is reached.


Tips and More

  • This product is best used for baking, where it can be added to breads, cookies, cakes and more with a little water.
  • If using it as a spread, it's best to add a small amount of vegetable oil to get the right consistency.
  • Sprinkle it over veggies or into mashed potatoes or soups to add a light buttery taste.


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