Preferred Customer Perks

Get Free Shipping and more!

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Preferred Customers get free shipping on all Preferred items when they spend at least $100 in the delivery service! Just look for the Preferred Customer icon next to qualifying products.


Get 3% Back

For every $100 you spend on a Simple Plate or Grocery Box delivery, you’ll get $3 back in Grocery points! Let your points rack up, and use them on any purchases outside of your Simple Plate or Grocery Box deliveries.


Shop Early

Shop Black Friday and Spring Sale deals a day before everyone else! These sales are always while supplies last, which means you’ll get hot products before they sell out. 


Monthly Savings

Get a monthly coupon to save on a popular item!

Become a Preferred Customer

There are two ways:

Get a FREE membership by committing to 3 deliveries within 90 days.
You can select this option during the setup process for Simple Plate or Grocery Box.


Pay a one-time fee of $79.99 through the delivery service.
If selected, it will be charged after completion of delivery setup.

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Did You Know?

Consultants get the same perks as Preferred Customers, plus…

  • Commission for sharing with friends
  • Cashback on your own purchases
  • Free and half off product
  • Luxury trips and more
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